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Biohort Quality Metal Buildings

Quality workmanship, functional design and high quality materials – these are the foundations on which Biohort has made its name.
Expertise gained from years of experience. For over 40 years now Biohort has been producing high-quality storage solutions for the garden. Who are proud to be a market leader in Europe with production in Austria and delivery direct to you.

Biohort metal garden products are made from hot-dipped galvanised steel plate which has a zinc coating of between 150 g/m² to 275 g/m² the sidewalls and roof panels of Biohort garden products are also protected inside and out by a polyamide coating which has a minimum thickness of between 10 to 25 µm.

Metal Sheds

Biohort uses high quality steel plate supplied by the Voestalpine Group Steel Division Linz, Austria. The Voestalpine Group Steel Division is an internationally renowned producer of high quality steel. Many automobile manufacturers, e.g. the German top-range manufacturers: BMW, Audi and Mercedes, rely on the outstanding quality of steel produced by Voestalpine Group Steel Division in Austria for the construction of the bodywork of their cars.

Cheap metal shed manufacturers use screws and plates made of electro-plated metal which, after a few years exposed to the elements begin to show signs of corrosion and damage.
Biohort are uncompromising with regard to quality!
 All the metal parts of our products are hot-dipped galvanized (we use a very thick protective layer of zinc) and all attaching parts i.e.: nuts, bolts, screws and fittings are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Some people argue that Metal sheds are better than wooden sheds

Did you know that metal garden sheds have numerous advantages over their wooden shed counterparts? below are the reasons why Biohort feel metal is a better material than wood when it comes to constructing storage solutions for leisure time and the garden: 


Biohort Metal ShedsTime-consuming painting in your spare time costs money and nerves.
Biohort Metal ShedsIn moist areas, affected wood can begin to rot after a few years.
Biohort Metal ShedsWood expands and contracts. The results are jammed doors and cracks and splits in the wood.
Biohort Metal ShedsPainted or varnished wood surfaces must be treated repeatedly. Untreated wood will quickly become unsightly.
Biohort Metal ShedsWood burns easily. For this reason, the use of wooden sheds on camp sites is forbidden.


Biohort Metal Sheds No more stress – relax and use your valuable spare time for the essential   things in life.
Biohort Metal ShedsThanks to our hot-dipped galvanized and polyamide coated finishes, the metal remains durable for generations. This is the reason we can offer a 20 year warranty on our products!
Biohort Metal ShedsThe high quality steel used by Biohort remains stable and unaffected by sun and rain for years.
Biohort Metal ShedsThe colour of polyamid coated steel plate remains attractive for years and can be easily cleaned (even with a high pressure cleaner).
Biohort Metal ShedsThe hot-dip galvanized, polyamide enamel coated steel plate used by Biohort is fireproof in acc. with EN 13501-1 (Class "A1").


Wood is a good material to use in many areas (especially living space and interiors). However for sheds that have to withstand the elements outdoors, all year-round, metal is clearly the better choice!

Biohort is Europe's leading manufacturer of high quality metal storage solutions for garden and leisure time. All Biohort products have a 20-year warranty, are completely maintenance free and delivered directly to you.

Checkout the range of from Biohort modern contemporary design, functional styles and a variety of shapes styles to suit almost any garden design.

The Biohort Ranges Include


Biohort Avantgarde
The Biohort garden shed AvantGarde lives up to its name. It is an extremely robust and sturdy metal garden shed which meets the requirements of modern architecture.

The shapely design combined with its many practical advantages ensures that daily use is free of problems and full of pleasure. The life long freedom from maintenance saves both money and valuable time.


Highline Range

Biohort Highline
The Biohort garden shed HighLine® fulfils the highest standards!

For all those, who are looking for the best with regard to quality and design - the top product of Biohort conceived by industrial designers. The modern flat roof and the integrated all-around skylight make the garden shed HighLine® a pleasure for one's eye. The 3-way locking mechanism with a cylinder lock ensures optimum security. The opening and closing of the door works semi-automatically with the help of a gas assisted spring damper. Moreover, all this is absolutely maintenance-free!


Europa Range

Biohort Europa
 The Biohort garden shed Europa fulfils the highest demands, available in 4 colours (metallic silver, metallic quartz grey, dark green and metallic dark grey) und 9 sizes (1, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 4A, 5, 6, 7). 

Working in the garden means meditative relaxation and balance to the busy everday life. Searching for garden tools might ruffle garden enthusiasts. With the garden shed Europa everything finds its place. Versatile shelf-systems, tool hangers and the organiser system guarantee you, that everything is close at hand.


Neo Range

Biohort Neo
 The Biohort Neo garden Shed Range 

  • Modern Design: Smooth wall surfaces and the elegant acrylic glass panel in the door
  • Double the sheet thickness compared to low-cost providers
  • Individually plannable
  • Lifetime maintenance free - 20 Year Guarantee!


Panorama Range

Biohort Panorama
 The full encircling skylight constructed from acrylic glass gives our new Garden Shed Panorama® a lightness in appearance and allows this model with its modern gable-roof to fit easily into its surroundings. The proven Biohort quality of materials and workmanship together with the selection of individual equipment options and the range of sizes make the Panorama® the perfect tool shed to meet your high demands: available in 5 sizes (P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5) und in 3 colours (metallic-silver, metallic quartz-grey and metallic dark-grey). 


CasaNova Range

Biohort Casanova
 The insulated Biohort outbuilding CasaNova® not only impresses with its modern appearance and all year-round functionality, but can also be easily customised to suit each owner’s individual requirements.

We have now added a new fully glazed wall element to the existing selection of window, door and garage door options; it has been developed with the aim of increasing the comfort CasaNova® already offers and leaves you free to choose how you wish to use your CasaNova®; as an equipment store, a workshop or a hobby room; or as a storage space for your plants during winter or thanks to the addition of our new sauna module a place to sweat and relax.

Delivery lead times can vary due to seasonal demand so please check with us before placing your order - Call Us 01604 781899

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