Dog Friendly Garden Centre (Beware of the Cat)

Woodmeadow Garden Centre is a dog friendly garden centre and welcomes dogs and other pets on leads we have our own dogs and would prefer them out and about certainly not left in cars especially having read some of the horror stories recently regarding dogs left in cars.

Dog Friendly Garden Centre

Dog Friendly Garden Centre

It is worth mentioning though that we do have a cat at Woodmeadow, she is a black cat that we rescued called Mrs Bojangles she loves the fuss and attention that our customers give her but can also be very territorial especially towards dogs.

So whilst we welcome dogs bringing in their owners we also would like to remind them that Woodmeadow is Mrs Bojangles home and sometimes she feels like she has to protect it.

We also have pet goats that you you can feed along with chickens and rabbits and through the pet shop we have a variety of animals for sale such as Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Budgies, Finches as well as Chickens etc

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