Is it true will goats eat anything?

The idea that goats will eat anything is a common misconception. While goats are known for their curious and inquisitive nature, they are actually quite selective in their diet and have preferences for certain types of vegetation.

Goats are natural foragers and browsers, meaning they prefer to eat a variety of plant materials such as leaves, twigs, vines, and shrubs. They particularly enjoy browsing on woody plants and roughage. However, goats have preferences and nutritional needs just like any other animal, and they will avoid certain plants if they find them unpalatable or if they are toxic.

While goats may sample a wide range of plants out of curiosity, they are generally selective eaters and will choose foods that meet their nutritional requirements. They may also develop preferences based on their past experiences and dietary needs.Goat

It's essential for goat owners to provide a balanced diet that includes appropriate
forage, fresh water, and supplemental feed to meet their goats' nutritional needs. Additionally, it's important to be aware of plants that are toxic to goats and ensure that they are not accessible in the goats' environment.


In summary, while goats are not indiscriminate eaters and will not consume just anything, they do have a diverse diet and enjoy exploring different types of vegetation. However, it's crucial for goat owners to provide appropriate nutrition and ensure that their goats' environment is free of toxic plants.



Our goats love to see our many visitors and you are welcome to feed them but please check with a member of the animal team and only feed them the food provided which is a part of their 

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