Winter Pruning your Clematis

Winter pruning Clematis is an important part of plant care, pruning in the winter helps to promote strong, healthy growth in the spring and can also help reduce the risk of clematis diseases.

Clematis in Bloom

1. Wait until late winter between February and march, to prune your clematis. Pruning earlier than this can promote new growth that wont have had enough time to harden off before the cold weather sets in.

2. Using a sharp pair of snips or secateurs cut back all of the stems to a height of approximately 6 inches ideally just above a bud or node, remember to throw them on your compost heap

3. Cut back any dead or diseased stems. these should be removed to prevent the spread of disease to healthy stems

4. After pruning, spread a layer of mulch around the base of the plant. This will help the soil retain moisture and will also help to protect the roots from cold weather

5. Finally, water the clematis thoroughly. This will help to ensure that the plant is well hydrated

Following these steps will help ensure that your clematis remains healthy and strong.

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