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Antique Amphora Water Butt

Antique Amphora Water Butt

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This water butt brings a Mediterranean feel to your garden, whilst allowing you to harvest rainwater for your garden. Due to the unique manufacturing process, each of these tanks are a unique lifelike replica of a genuine terracotta vase. This water butt features a fixed planter cup in the top, which when lined with the geotextile fleece allows the planted area to also catch rainwater which is collected in the tank below. The high quality threaded tap hole in the front of the tank makes the tap installation easy for you, with the water below the tap level serving as a stable base. These water butts can easily be installed to any downpipe, brightening up your garden.



250litres Width: 700mm - Height: 1080mm

350litres Width: 780mm - Height: 1200mm

600litres Width: 920mm - Height: 1420mm

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